Best Practices

We expressed our recommended best practices as user stories, so when developing according to agile principles a product owner might find it helpful to have a sample user story. Feel free to copy and paste this to your backlog.

Basic SmartQuery Implementation

As a customer, I want to see search results that are optimized using CXP search|hub ( and are frequently updated by recent KPI data.
Acceptance criteria

Query Correction Feedback

As a customer, I want to see the corrected query and have the opportunity to search for my inserted query instead.
Acceptance criteria
  • If a mapping took place, display a text about the corrected query
  • Add a link that enables the user to search for the original query instead.
  • When clicking that link, no mapping takes place.
Technical hint
  • You can use the bypass feature of SmartQuery by wrapping the query into quotes. Passing that query will not do any mapping but remove the quotes again.
  • In case the direct integration is used, the util function io.searchhub.smartquery.util.QueryAssessment.isOnlyWordReorder can be used to avoid displaying the query correction feedback due to the fact, that the query consists of the same words.

Search|Hub Redirects

As a search manager, I want users to be redirected to landing pages for certain queries according to my configuration in Search|Hub.
Acceptance criteria
  • The usage of queries, that are configured for a redirect, should lead to the configured landing page / URL.